'The Submarine' Smoked Salmon

'The Submarine' Smoked Salmon

Smoked salmon is nice, Smoked salmon with ‘The Submarine’ is freaking awesome.

Simple and tasty recipe for a nice warm evening with friends.


    So you want to grill a Salmon like a pro? Let's do it!

    First thing first - Get a nice piece of salmon, something around 1250 grams. 

    Keep the skin, it's amazingly crispy and full of flavour after grilling it properly.

    Let the salmon dry in a kitchen paper, this is important for the next step which is rubbing the hell out of it with some delicious BBQ rub!

    PRO TIP:

    The best way to grill a fresh salmon is to do so on a  BBQ wooden plank, let the plank sit under the water for at least 1 hour before you use it, in that way you keep your salmon juicy and delicious without getting burned and dry!

    Now, we have a moisty wooden plank with an amazing piece of salmon on top of it… Let's start smacking it! 

    Grab “The Submarine” and pour it on the salmon generously. It's important to let the rub sink in, so before you place it on the grill wait at least 25 minutes, until you see the rub is getting nice and moisty.

    Ok! Almost there! 

    Lets prepare the BBQ, We are going to set it to direct grilling, at 110 -120 degrees. Nice and easy :)

    Place the wooden plank with the salmon on the grill and let the magic happen!

    When the salmon reaches a core temperature of 50 degrees it is ready to go…

    For a finishing touch, add some lemon zest and chopped parsley .

    Now it's time to gather everyone around the table and enjoy a great meal!