About Smack It Spices

We are Smack it Spices, nice to meet you!

It all started on a warm sunny day with friends and a huge passion for BBQ.

We realized that BBQ is not only a way to cook your meat but also the best way to spend time with your friends and family.

Before we even knew it, we were already smoking meat day and night...

This journey of flavours and techniques lead us to create our own statement on the BBQ community. Rubs are the way for us to express our love for smoked meat!

The ingredients, the amounts, the purpose of every rub has been tested by us, and yes, we are very dedicated grillers :)

We created an outstanding collection of flavours inspired by recipes and BBQ techniques from all over the world, with one goal - to make it in our own way.

We are happy to share our knowledge and experience with you and make your next BBQ even better.

So invite only people that you love and go Smack It!