Terms of Sale

Article 1. Identity of the entrepreneur

Smack-it spices. Salomon de Braystraat 11, 3067ZG Rotterdam Chamber of Commerce 65340620

Article 2. Liability

2.1 Smack-it spices exclude any form of liability for damage caused to property of the buyer.

2.2 Smack-it spices also excludes any form of resulting financial damage caused by or related to (late) delivery by the carrier.

2.3 In case of damage, both material and financial, the buyer can turn to the carrier.

2.4 If carrier and buyer do not reach agreement, Smack-it spices can act as an intermediary.

3.1 Payment can be made via IDeal. In consultation with Smack-it spices it is possible to pay by invoice / on account.

3.2 When paying (by invoice), the payment must be paid within 14 working days after the invoice date. Unless otherwise agreed.

Article 4. Retention of title

4.1 All goods delivered by the supplier remain the property of the supplier, until the moment that the buyer has fully complied with all his payment obligations towards the supplier under any agreement concluded with the supplier for the delivery of goods and / or services, claims related to the shortcoming. in the performance of such an agreement.

5.1 We are sending our products through GLS everyday in 15:00 o'clock. If you order from The Netherlands, you are supposed to get your package the day after.

5.2 Your order will be delivered by GLS under their conditions.

5.3 Another form of delivery can be offered in consultation with Smack-it spices.

5.4 If GLS is unable to deliver the goods to the delivery location desired by the buyer, this is not a valid reason for cancellation of the order, in accordance with article 4.1 of the Smack-it spices delivery conditions.

5.5 If the buyer decides not to accept the goods as a result, he is obliged to indemnify Smack-it spices. This means that buyer Smack - it Spices will have to reimburse the costs already incurred. For the transport costs, this means that both the delivery and return costs of the ordered delivery must be reimbursed.

5.6 Cancellation is only possible if the ordered goods have not yet been offered to GLS.

6.1 Complaints must be reported in writing or by e-mail to Smack-it spices within 30 days after delivery.

6.2 The goods may not be returned without prior permission from Smack-it spices.

6.3 If the buyer wishes to exchange the delivered goods, the transport costs, both delivery and return costs, are for the account of the buyer.

6.4 In the event of a shortcoming in the delivery of the goods ordered by the customer, the delivery and return costs will be borne by Smack-it spices.